We Inspire Each Other
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The Eu and the Philippines -
We Inspire Each Other

When old friends have new ideas - The Philippines and Europe go back a long way. Knowing where we are coming from, we are moving forward together. Our trade is already worth €12 Billion, but as European tariffs fall and the Philippine economy grows, we will see new investments and more quality jobs for Filipinos emerge right here in the Philippines. Together we're investing in sustainable technology so we can protect our environment and power our shared future. We are working together to achieve universal healthcare, inclusive growth and stronger governance that can tackle corruption.

The EU-Philippine partnership is a world of inspiring opportunities waiting to be discovered.

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Facts & Figures

The Philippines has become the first ASEAN country to join the EU's Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) and benefit from zero-percent-tariff exports to the EU in over 6000 product categories. So what does this mean for the Philippines?

fact and figures

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